Friday, February 1, 2013


When I feel moody and I can’t help feeling that way, I always find some ways to lighten my mood. Let me share to you some of my options:

 1.) Eat. Eating fruits not only make me feel fresh and energized, it also takes the loneliness away.     Eating my favorite menu in my favorite fast food like Jollibee or KFC also works!  

 2.) Play a musical instrument. Playing the guitar makes me feel cool and alive like someone deep inside me is saying “girl, you rock!” haha!

3.) Shop. I do not know but it really works for me.Anyway, a hardworking girl deserves a treat, right?

 4.) Visit new places. Visiting a new place can instantly uplift my spirit. The thrill of discovering new        things makes me  forget the word boredom.

5.) Dress up. Choosing the right clothes do the trick. If I want to feel bold I will choose clothes with dark colors or with prints. If I want to feel and look fresh, I will opt for a white dress.
Since I feel down today with no particular reason, I opted to wear something that could make me feel fresh and beautiful as well.  A simple white blouse paired with a denim shorts plus a high heeled shoes .And VIOLA! I felt good and look good as well.

What do you think? How about you? How do you lighten your mood when you feel down?
 I love how the hem of my shorts compliments with the color of my shoes. Do you agree? And the shoes? Well I heard from someone that “ ..a girl with a beautiful shoes can never be ugly..”. Don’t you agree girls?  Moreover, the texture of the blouse is so soft it gave total comfort to my stressed mind and body.   :)

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