Sunday, March 3, 2013


I'm glad I was able to experience for the first time  the fun that Baguio celebrates that day. To those of you wondering, Panagbenga is an annual event that celebrates the "blooming" of flowers. Panagbenga's theme for 2013 is A Blooming Odyssey.

Benson and I chose to go on the 23rd of February because the highlight of the event The Grand Float Parade was on the next day.

We arrived in the City of Pines at dawn and a lot people were already on the sidewalks with their mats to sit on while waiting for the parade while others slept on the streets or built their tents on the park.Moreover, most of the hotels were already fully book which left us to carry our baggage. Really,  the Panagbenga Festival is so popular that it receive a huge media.

Then the long awaited parade began. Unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the street that limits me to watch in  full view of the parade or to take good shots on the floats. Benson and I, together with the people on our side were so disappointed! Probably partly disappointed. :) Anyway, the vacant lane was to be used  for emergency purposes. Despite the inconvenience,I still managed to capture some photos to share with you. I hope you will enjoy! :))

Suddenly the crowd became wild as the succeeding floats appeared with our country's Mr. Pure Energy: Gary Valenciano and the "Bad Boy of Philippine Movies : Robin Padilla.
I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos! :)


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