Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Wearing a floral polo with a background still full of blooming flowers is becoming an addiction towards flowers, agree?Or should I say redundant? In fact this was the second time already that I took a photo in this spot. It seems I just cant get  enough of those! lol 

Don't you love these brightly colored sunflowers? I know they don't smell good but their looks just moved me to smell them..hhmmm! :))
Because I just can't get enough with the flowers in the park I convinced Benson  to visit the stores which were located at the back of the Burnham Park's Orchidarium. I only paid php 5.00 for unlimited shots with the flowers in their garden. It's really a good deal, agree? lol

I wish I could have a place like this in our garden at home. imagine yourself sleeping under a canopy of flowers! What do you think?

 As I've told you in my other post, I wasn't able to capture a close up photo of the floral floats because I was on the wrong side of the street. So imagine how glad and excited I am when I saw this float parked at  the Athletic Bowl! lol

What do you think?


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