Monday, March 4, 2013


Being in a rush  became a blessing in a disguise then when we went to Baguio. I wasn't able to pack my things ahead of time because of some work related issues and my sister's birthday party which I attended in the afternoon. So by the time we left the party, it's already past seven pm! You're right! seven pm was still early here in Manila but the problem was, we were confronted with the usual scenario: traffic! So as soon as we reached our apartment, I immediately packed my things with only a few things on my mind to bring on the trip. The result? Traveling with a light package! :)

I'm glad I brought the right clothes in this trip. This colorful knitted dress makes me feel cuddled and warm against the cold weather in the city. It made me feel a couple of times excited with the festival as well. Well, blame the colors of this dress,okay? lol!

Because I am a woman, the presence of flowers blooming freely in the park was such an attention catcher that I cannot help taking photos as much as I want! lol  I'm happy that Baguio's Burnham Park was full of flowering plants that makes my photos interesting and almost picture perfect.

It really feels good to be surrounded with colorful and fresh flowers more so because it complements with the color of my dress.

With the huge crowd that went to the City of Pines to witness the popular Flower Festival, those simple things like strolling in the park, going in the washroom and ordering foods in fastfoods or restaurants  already consumed a large portion of our time.

We had our lunch and siesta-time in a sidewalk near the parking area because as I've said those restaurants and fast foods were literally full of customers.

Of course we maximize our stay so we did some tourist-y things like visiting some of Baguio's Tourist spots (I'll share with you in my next post ) and boating in the Burnham Park lake.

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