Thursday, April 25, 2013


One Saturday morning my sister, Kath, and I went to a medical clinic for her pre-employment medical examination when we got bumped into this beautiful shade: an unknown tree with lots of its yellow flowers had fallen into the ground. Did you know the next thing I did? I asked my sister for photo shot of course! Haha! I’m lucky because I’m wearing my favorite polo to date and most of my outfit’s color shade was yellow. How glad I am! :) Anyway, don’t the roots add more interesting effect to the place? I believe so.  A floral polo plus a lot of fallen flowers on the ground was just so perfect in my eyes. What do you think?

Saturday, April 20, 2013


I want to celebrate (finally!)my new haircut /hairstyle. Looking back at my earlier post with all my ranting on my hair, I can’t help laughing at myself for acting like a kid.haha
I can officially say now that I’m ‘friends and in love’ with my hair once again. I’m glad I am able to see now the brighter side of my new haircut.
Here are some ways that I found to fall in love with my hair once again:
  • gave me reason to use caps/hats
  •  inspired me to become creative on styling my hair
  •   fringes are trendy
  •  “A girl’s hair is her crowning glory.”

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Wearing this asymmetrical cardigan makes me reflect on the realities of life.
Sometimes we do sort of things just to please others even if we do not want to.
In our haste to become ‘perfect’ in the eyes of others, we forget ourselves and we unconsciously lost our own identity. We become then the second best or the copy of someone else. Or worst we become ‘common’ like most.
Just like this asymmetrical cardigan, we should learn to see the beauty of our difference which  I believe   will make us stand out among others.

Whoever you are and whatever you have right now , Be Yourself!
xx> karen

Friday, April 12, 2013


I wore this outfit on my youngest sister’s graduation ceremony last month. Actually, I did not know what to wear on that day, whether be in a formal outfit or in a casual outfit.
Since I will serve as her photographer, I decided to wear a comfortable outfit which is neither too casual nor too formal for the occasion.
To get that casual-formal look, I slip into a classic polo paired with a flowing round skirt. I think the metal-studded belt and shoes adds interest to this outfit. I would like to ask a favor from you, if you were me, what would you wear? Tell me. :)
It seems like yesterday when I myself graduated from college in this same university. Now, I realized that time flies so fast that I felt I missed a lot in my life. Until now, I still feel like I'm drifting apart (sigh). I'm asking a lot of questions to myself, "Where did those couple of years go? What did I do to those years..?"Now, I get the better  meaning of the saying, " Graduation is not an end. It only marks a new beginning.."

To those 2013 graduates CONGRATULATIONS! It's time to spread your wings and make better opportunities to your life. :)