Friday, April 12, 2013


I wore this outfit on my youngest sister’s graduation ceremony last month. Actually, I did not know what to wear on that day, whether be in a formal outfit or in a casual outfit.
Since I will serve as her photographer, I decided to wear a comfortable outfit which is neither too casual nor too formal for the occasion.
To get that casual-formal look, I slip into a classic polo paired with a flowing round skirt. I think the metal-studded belt and shoes adds interest to this outfit. I would like to ask a favor from you, if you were me, what would you wear? Tell me. :)
It seems like yesterday when I myself graduated from college in this same university. Now, I realized that time flies so fast that I felt I missed a lot in my life. Until now, I still feel like I'm drifting apart (sigh). I'm asking a lot of questions to myself, "Where did those couple of years go? What did I do to those years..?"Now, I get the better  meaning of the saying, " Graduation is not an end. It only marks a new beginning.."

To those 2013 graduates CONGRATULATIONS! It's time to spread your wings and make better opportunities to your life. :)

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