Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I'm pissed off! Have you experienced going to a salon where you felt more cheated than blessed? Well I did! I trusted my looks with them assuming that when I get out, I'll look better. But I just got the opposite with my hair. I regret having a haircut in that salon. If you try to browse on my other post with my earlier look, I had a better hair than this!:(
I do not know how did it happen. All that I asked was to have my hair cut with my preferred length of course with a side bangs. He did just what I told him. It takes me a while to notice that my hair feels dull and looks stiff as if I'm wearing a wig! I thought it was just the effect of the blow drying that he did. But no!it's more than that. I had tried a couple of times blow drying my hair when I still have my curly locks but I hadn't received the same result when I went to the salon. 
I can probably conclude that the real problem was either THEY ARE USING THE SAME  SET OF COMBS to all their customers or THEY FORGOT TO CLEAN THE COMB after their service. Whether that customer availed a simple haircut, a hair straightening,a hair relaxing or hair re-bonding.The "treatment" that they had used to their other customers the other day probably stuck to the comb that they had used with my hair. I'm near to crying you know because I have been considering my hair as my saving grace. I'm not blessed with extremely beautiful features but I take pride with my hair. But now... (sigh).
I know it's not right to put all the blame with them. Partly it's my fault. I should have look for a better salon offering better services.If only I followed my sister's advice not to cut my hair until the summer ends.. No more if's. It's already done whether I like it or not. I'll just take this a challenge for me to more creative. This haircut won't limit me to become stylish, aye?Well, I'll just consider this as a "lesson for the day" besides regrets will just make me pessimistic. And I'm trying my best to avoid that.
 I'm looking forward to the brighter side of my haircut on my next post. Smile!

I hope you have a better experience in the salon than me. :)
xx karen


  1. enjoy mo na lng para maiba namn! after all dat was ur prize!smile kna lng para d halata. hehehehe

    1. thanks. oo, i-enjoy ko na lang.. masasanay din ako sa bagong haircut ko. :)

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