Sunday, April 7, 2013


I'm not running out of titles yet. It's just that some brand names are interesting and creative ( agree?) just like this jumpsuit's that I can't help using it as a title.
Are you familiar with this ftruit? It's locally known as 'mabolo'. They were scattered all over the place where I took this outfit shot. When I asked Benson about it, he told me it's mabolo. I was not convinced because the picture of mabolo I had in mind was something hard, round and green. I was so curious that I even wanted to take one at home if not for it's itchy 
On the trunk of the tree was a piece of wood with the name of the tree written on it: KAMAGONG. I was confused rather than enlightened because what I knew about kamagong was it's one of the hardest tree and it never bear a fruit like narra. So when I went home, I showed its picture to my father.
Me: Tay, do you this fruit?
Father: Mabolo.
Me: No!(giggling) It starts with letter K!(beaming)
Father: Huh? (doubt) It's mabolo. The tree is locally known as Kamagong!
I was speechless and embarrassed. My family, they were all laughing at


 Looks like I'm a delivery girl with that cake? Well, I am! :) I had delivered . that cake to a special someone on his very special day: his birthday!
To Benson : I'm very  lucky having you in my life. I love you forever! :)
Have a great Sunday ! :)

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