Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Discovering this bunch of lilies in its full bloom at our backyard definitely calls for an outfit shot. lol
A girly outfit had immediately sparked in my imagination. Sadly, I did not bring a girly dress with me when I went to the province since I often travel lightly. So, I just slip into a black and white dress in contrast to the bold colors of the flowers and the surroundings.
My sister, Kath, wickedly joked at me “ What are you up to, Ate? A witch in the woods this summer season?lol”
She’s definitely knocking a sense on me. I knew she’s right I kinda look like a lost witch in the forest. Anyhow, lookin’ like a witch or not, I still don’t want to miss a shot with these enormous colorful flowers!
What do you think?
xx > karen

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