Friday, May 3, 2013


 Since I love the place where I took a photo shot last time (the one that I’m wearing my fave polo, remember?)I asked my sister to help me with my outfit shot.  I could almost picture in my mind the effect of the place with my outfit.  But to my disappointment, those little flowers were already swept by the park maintenance helpers! Aaaagghh! :(  Good thing there were still some areas in the park which were not yet cleaned so I’m not totally disappointed. :) The only difference was the absence of roots on the area.
I’ve been wearing the yellow shade most of the days lately that even my sisters noticed it already. I do not know why I love wearing yellow this summer; it’s not even my favorite color! Hahaha! It’s just that I feel so good in wearing yellow this summer! How about you? What color do you love wearing this season? Anyway, I’m into my yellow-extremity cravings on this day that I opted to wear it all over. What do you think?

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