Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today’s outfit is a combo of skirt, long sleeved blouse and blazer. I have to say that this outfit feels so me.  I mean it’s so comfortable that I can see myself on its details. The cut, the style, the color or the details reminds me of my personality. Hope I’m making any sense. LOL Have you experience that too?

My boyfriend was so sweet for helping me take my pictures. And we manage to do it for no longer than three minutes. Yes, 3 minutes!

I really had a good laugh when I checked the pictures afterwards. Why, I’m looking at almost the same direction the entire time. LOL Blame those people around with their curious glances. That’s the prize for taking outfit shots outside anyway. ** smiley face ** And sometimes you’d get more than a curious glance! (You know what I mean my dear fellow bloggers!)

What do you think of my look?

Saturday, June 22, 2013


If you noticed, the texture of the following photos on this post is quite different from the rest. (Look closer, pretty please!)
Yes! I used Photoshop.
Actually I was looking for the tool for Sepia. But failure to locate it leads me to try another tool. Luckily, I clicked just the right tool to feed my curiosity at the moment.

Do you want to try it also on your photos? Let me share to you how to do it. But first, be sure that a Photoshop application is installed in your computer.
After opening the Photoshop application :
1.      Choose a photo by clicking File>Open>Select photo on your File>OK.
2.      On the toolbars above Select Filter .
3.      Click Texture.
4.      Choose the type of texture (Craqueture, Grain,Mosaic Tiles, Patchwork, Stained Glass, Texturizer )you want for your photo.(You can adjust the depth of each type of texture)
5.      Click OK.
6.      Save your photo.

It always feels good to learn something new while having time at the same time.

I used Stained Glass here except for my face, hair and neck to avoid looking like a ghost to say the least. LOL
Among the types of textures, my favorites are Mosaic Tiles and Craqueture. How about you?