Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I don’t know what is on bridges over a lagoon that makes me want much to take a picture with. Perhaps, it’s a reminder of my dreams? Oftentimes, I dreamt about water: me crossing over a sea or a water falls, or crossing a bridge over a body of water…. Something like that! I don’t know why I’m dreaming about those things and don’t understand the need for me to cross over it. Would you care to tell me the meaning of that dream or the meaning of water on dreams?
Anyway, so much for that dream!
I’ve been visiting  this place for quite a long time already but hadn’t noticed or should I say paid much attention to this corner where a bridge and a beautifully sculpted wall were located. I’m glad I finally discovered  it. It’s something that I’ll visit soon in the near future.

I’m wearing my scarecrow- inspired oversized polo here. ( Did she just say scarecrow? )Well, funny as it gets, it really reminds me of scarecrows in the field. Perhaps because of its size. Quite sizable, right?
Or maybe, it’s the farmer’s daughter in me that made me think of such thing! LOL
Hhmmmm…. You’re right. That’s really quite an odd inspiration. :)

Now before you go and judge me on the length of this dress, I’m wearing a denim shorts too okay? :)

How about you, do you have an odd inspiration too?

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