Friday, June 14, 2013


One late afternoon, my dearest boyfriend and I went to visit a park outside Manila ( read: Quezon City) which he saw photos of it on Facebook.
Well, when you’re bored strolling at the mall and want to find something new in the city, why don’t you head in the park?

Parks like this reminded me much of the atmosphere in the province: clean and fresh air, tall trees, the chirping of birds…
Unlike other parks, the entrance fee here is absolutely low. It’s only eight pesos (Php 8.00) !! Imagine that?
Through the series of walks we had , I’m wearing my comfiest high heeled sandals. Okay you got me! I’m lying. :) I’m wearing my old but comfortable rubber shoes of course!

Here’s my favorite area, the lagoon. Well, bodies of water always strike a mystery on me. LOL

It made me smile when I saw this group of artists/painters along a sidewalk. They’re a sight to behold literally because when you saw them while you’re walking, you’ll stop, stare at them and just say, “WOW!”
(Hey! I’m not exaggerating! I just did that! :) )

Here’s the area (its called paddock I think) where it could give you the perfect view for your picture. I didn’t get the perfect picture myself because of too much lightning! It turned out to be black or has too much shadow on the picture especially if it’s taken against the light. Well, you’d be lucky if you own a good camera. Too bad, I don’t own an dSLR camera. ** insert sad face here**

What really caught my attention were the groups of photographers and ‘models’ in almost all corners of the park! (Now, I’m exaggerating! :) But, really there were a lot of photographers and ‘models’)

The photographers with their full paraphernalia: dSLR cameras, tripods, that umbrella-like thing…. You name it! And those models clad in fashionable outfits with their overall make-ups and killer poses!  I was amazed!

And even this cute little puppy here is waiting for its turn for the pictorial! LOL

But then one of the photographers shouted at me “ Hey, do you want a fan sign?” Now, I did not smile!

If you noticed, this is a wildlife park but I haven’t posted any picture of an animal. I purposely did that! We intentionally didn’t stroll the whole area for us to have a reason to visit again this place next time.

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