Friday, August 2, 2013


While uploading pictures for this humble blog one lazy afternoon, I unconsciously asked my sister which is her favorite among my outfit shots. I was surprised that this outfit was their top pick! A simple outfit. Even my dear boyfriend liked it too. He told me so. They said, it’s more like me.
Can’t blame them though. It’s my favorite casual outfit. When I’m in a rush and lazy enough to bother about things that will add to the days inconveniences, I’ll wear an outfit that will make me most comfortable with.  Maybe others will wear their comfortable maxis or nice fitting jeans or even on their PJs. But , I ,would probably slip into a polo and short. Then, I’ll indulge myself into a comfortable rubber shoes. Forget  about earrings and make-up. Maybe a little lipstick or lip gloss will do.
I can’t imagine I’m telling you this. LOL You might say.. “What?! You can really go out without make-up much less accessories??”  As much as I love fashion, there as just some times when I can be fashionably bored . . . . . . and boring you might say.  Evidently,  it’s a human streak, don’t you think so? I mean being bored.

Anyway, I doubt others will choose fashion over comfort when your mind is too filled up with anything but clothes.

What do you think?


  1. Interesting shoes))

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  2. nice blog, wanna follow each other dear? :)

  3. Looks really good ! Love it.

    those shoes are so crazy ;D

  4. great look!

  5. Hi darling!!
    Really like your outfit! The shoes are so different ;)
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    Keep in touch darling

    lots of kisses

  6. darling, you look amazing

  7. i like your short
    following you on Bloglovin waiting for you to follow back <3

  8. I think this look is amazing <3

  9. awesome shoes <3 u look stunning! anyway would u mind checking out my latest post? thanks before :) xx

  10. casual cute outfit! love the blue! :)

    Metallic Paws

  11. Nice outfit!


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