Tuesday, August 27, 2013


With my Asian height, skirts that work for me are either short or very long. And I’m glad this awesome skirt by Liz Clairborne complements well with the blouse and shoes from which earned the title “Nemesis”. Why not, it seems like these pieces are meant for each other.

Did you find something a bit funny among the pictures? Yes, it seems like I don’t know any other poses. LOL Well, these pictures are almost stolen shots or should I say “effortless shots” by my dearest boyfriend while he was on one of the benches playing on his IPod. He did not even try to stand but still the pictures came out even better than the former so – serious –shots, so I don’t have complains. :)

I have had my hair tied up in a top knot bun, but after the former outfit shots, I had a little headache maybe because of the so- tight pony tail so I decided to untie it and tried a loose braid instead. Little detail as it was but it did some wonders to the total look – it’s more relaxed.

Blouse – Catherine Malandrino
Skirt – Liz Clairborne
Shoes – A- maian


  1. Love the color :)

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  2. Like the blouse


  3. Such an unusual and lovely skirt :) You look lovely.

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  4. Hi Karen! I love the skirt.Nice color. :)
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