Sunday, October 27, 2013


It’s already the 4th week of October which means… SEMBREAK and LONG WEEKEND! While most school people are busy spending their sembreak, we ourselves do not harbor the same benefits with them. So sad.  I’m one of those who will serve tomorrow for the Barangay Elections. It’ll be my first time. Truth be told, can’t help feeling anxious because I wasn’t fully oriented with the task and I was late during the briefing. I know what you’re thinking. Just that I wasn’t informed beforehand that I’m one of those who will serve on election. Though I miss going home in the province, I better set aside my ranting. It’s a part of my duty. I should understand.

This one is a bonus photo for you guys! Just found a nice background for my pictures. So expect more of this background in the near future. Beautiful, right?

Basic White Tee – Von Dutch
Pants – Nueve
Shoes - Florsheim

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  1. I like your outfit ! :)


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