Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hard Earned

I, my sister and my boyfriend had a quick stroll at a certain park last Saturday as we were craving for a breath of fresh air. Maybe it’s the probinciana / probinciano in us.LOL
We had fun taking photos of ourselves as the weather was so fine and the statue of Lapu-Lapu was so amazing under the clear blue sky. Just take a look at my background, amazing isn’t it?

I was really on the mood doing those little touristy things until one of the officers -in- charge approached and wanted me to go to the MPDC. ( OMG! ) Why? Well, he wanted me to get a permit for taking photos within the place. ( read: public place)
I was annoyed. I just found it so unreasonable.

He was on doubt that I’ll use these photos for some other purpose other than for personal use on the grounds that I was dressed differently. I was not even on my best dress or on my make-up. I didn’t also  perm my locks that day. So  I could neither use these (controversial)  photos of mine for my debut ( I turned 18 long since) or for a prenuptial ..(the outfit was too casual) *sigh*

In my opinion, It was kind of unfair on my part. In fact a lot of people were also taking their photos within the same area. Besides, I haven’t seen a single signage like “ Do Not Take Photos” (or even Differently Dressed People Not Allowed To Take Photos Within The Area).

I was just thankful I wasn’t on the mood for a more than warm repartee otherwise the rough side of my tongue would come to play. LOL Just kidding!

Well that experience really amused me. It’s a not- so- awesome experience after all. :)


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