Friday, November 15, 2013


Nothing much to say here. Just that I’m glad it’s Friday once again. Which means that I don’t have to see my annoying co-worker for the next 2 days. LOL. Just joking!

Kidding aside, Friday means I can wear less formal clothes at work. (Unfortunately, no denims! ) And If I’ll not be bothered with my laziness, I can cook my favorite Sinigang or Pinakbet for dinner ( hmmmn.. gotta make my stomach happy,eh? ) Also, I can stay up late late as much as I want to. I could either watch my favorite teleseryes or Koreanovelas or  have  a little more chitchat with my sisters or even read a romantic novel like Whitney, My Love. ( haha! Can’t get enough of that novel! :) Moreover , I can hang out with my boyfriend until Sunday, how amazing is that? :)  Really, what’s not to love on Fridays?

How about you guys, what makes your Fridays awesome?

Basic T-Shirt – Von Dutch
Baseball Cap – Gap
Pants- Unbranded

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