Monday, November 11, 2013

Young Woman

As another year has added into my life this November, I realized two important things: 1.) That I’m no longer a young girl but a young woman. Which means that I should act more mature, leave those childish whims and save up for the future ( and even plan settling down :) 2.) Wardrobe check. That I should wear clothes appropriate to my age and work and buy only those that I could wear forever. LOL

So to live up my second realization, I’m leading more into classic pieces. This time I’m into maxi outfits. Love this maxi skirt. Since I don’t have a nice pair of legs to flaunt, this maxi skirt will surely serve me well for life. And if you noticed by now, I’m more into shoes not sandals because unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with toes like a baby’s. LOL There, I just shared to you one of my secrets.:)

'Till the next post guys! :)

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  1. You look very beautiful! Love that skirt ;)

    Visit my blog if you want, there's a new post ;)


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