Thursday, January 30, 2014

Name Calling

I’m on my cargo pants once again! I was not feeling well on that day that I opted to pair it with a basic tee and a blazer. If my sisters will see and read this post, they will surely laugh because it will remind them of myself during those old times -- me wearing blazers anytime and anywhere. haha! Once they even called me “Topper -Topper”! They’re wicked, aren’t they? :)
Well, at least they knocked a sense on me.

Oh! Look at this. What a bad posture for a lassie. hihihi I suffered from an extreme back pain that I failed to notice its effect. However, standing like this reminds me of my dearest father so just as well.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Le Cargo

When I was young, I learned that when you’re wearing a sexy dress one should only pair it with sexy shoes - a stiletto or a strappy sandal. In short high heels! And the higher the heels the better, the more that I felt sexy and confident!  Haha! Well, that’s what I thought then! LOL
Likewise when wearing a rugged outfit ( like  a ripped denim pants/ cargo pants ) one should only pair it with a rubber shoes. Those were some fashion rules that I followed for a long time. LOL Nevertheless, I wasn’t wrong, right?
But now that I’m a little older, I don’t pair cargo pants with a rubber shoes anymore. Instead, I’m using my pointed school/office shoes. It isn’t only practical.  It adds a sexy twist to a rugged outfit. It’s my current favorite personal style - rugged but sexy. :)

What do you think?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Shades of Grey

I’m not sure why I kept on wearing classic colors- black, grey, brown and white. Those were not even my favorite colors. Am I leading to classic styles? I’m not sure too.
I often plan on wearing bright colored bottoms, pastel colored tops or be on florals but when I open my closet my color preference drastically change too. My eyes will rivet to those black and greys then my hands will take the lead to pull out those less sunny colored outfits.  And my mind will think of nothing but greys!  If I try on wearing a colored outfit, I don’t feel well. And the next thing I do, I’m switching my outfit to no other outfit but one with a shade of grey! Huh!  Okay, I’m overacting. LOL
Seriously, I don’t understand myself. I love wearing colored outfits then. I really do. I still love colored outfits specially florals. Just these past few months, I don’t quite feel good wearing them. Would you care tell me what’s happening to me?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chase the Sun

I don’t know anything about photography so I always rely on the sunlight for proper lightning. Sometimes I even preferred maximum sunlight. Why not, it makes my skin seems clear and smooth or rather it’s glowing. ( I don’t mean to exaggerate :)  )Some blemishes even disappear.  Once, my sisters even wickedly kid that I look better on photos but my boyfriend tells otherwise . LOL However, when you too are  using a digi cam or your phone’s camera in taking your photos using sunlight as your lightning sometimes creates displeasing shadows like when you’re wearing a cap. It casts some shadows on the face. Aside from avoiding taking photos against the light a trick that I learned to minimize that bit of a problem was to follow the direction of the sun like what a sunflower do. LOL

Vintage Jacket and Bag from my Mother
Shorts - Esprit
                                                                  Shoes - Thriftshopted