Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chase the Sun

I don’t know anything about photography so I always rely on the sunlight for proper lightning. Sometimes I even preferred maximum sunlight. Why not, it makes my skin seems clear and smooth or rather it’s glowing. ( I don’t mean to exaggerate :)  )Some blemishes even disappear.  Once, my sisters even wickedly kid that I look better on photos but my boyfriend tells otherwise . LOL However, when you too are  using a digi cam or your phone’s camera in taking your photos using sunlight as your lightning sometimes creates displeasing shadows like when you’re wearing a cap. It casts some shadows on the face. Aside from avoiding taking photos against the light a trick that I learned to minimize that bit of a problem was to follow the direction of the sun like what a sunflower do. LOL

Vintage Jacket and Bag from my Mother
Shorts - Esprit
                                                                  Shoes - Thriftshopted

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