Monday, January 6, 2014

Top Of The World

One of the liberties of spending holidays in the province is taking outfit shots with a nice background. Or rather an effortless amazing background. Anyone can easily get a magazine like photo of herself. You just need a camera ( any camera will do ) and a choice of direction.  You may go up into the mountains or straight into the rice field or even back into woods. And believe me, more often than not you’ll get  a picture perfect background of yourself. :)

Sadly, I didn’t notice the beauty of the place when I was younger. Sayang!  If I did, I could have a gazillion amazing photos by now. haha! At least it didn’t take a lifetime for me not to appreciate the beauty of my homeland. Really, how lucky are those living in the province!

Shot these photos on top of the mountain. Yes, I took some pains climbing the mountain to score an amazing background. haha! Very tiring and perspiring. I really lose a bucket of sweat when I reached the top. No time for regrets  here. I loooove the background view itself! It’s a sweat-worthy photo then. ;)

My thanks also to the one who also took pains climbing the mountain just to help me take my photos. Could you guess who’s with me that day? Look closer on the shadow for a clue. :)

I hope you guys did enjoy the photos ! :)


  1. nice stylization and landscape, regards

  2. i agree with you Ella, it's really a nice landscape. thanks :)


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