Friday, February 14, 2014



Not a long time ago, I asked a young man, “What are your goals in life? “ he just looked  at me in the eye and simply answered, “You”.
We’ve been together for over six years now. And through these years of thick and thin, I’ve been wondering how he manages to stay with a bitchy lass like me. No kidding! Neither am I the conventional girlfriend who would at least text 24/7 nor the wordy type. At times of misunderstandings, I hate explaining things.  And at worst I have a short temper.
But despite those shortcomings that I have, he doesn’t fail on making me feel so special.At times of misunderstandings he understand me even before I explain. Sometimes he seems to understand me more than I understand myself. Aside from my family, he’s my inspiration and my courage. Truly, I'm very lucky to have him in my life.
So I want him to be with someone who could make him smile. Someone who could make him laugh and melt his heart. Someone who would listen to his crazy jokes endlessly. Someone  who could be his best friend and sees life as a happy journey. Or that someone who could cast away his pains. And I want that someone to be . . . . .me.
A couple of love songs have sometimes reminded me of him. But there is a particular verse from the poem of Catallus that makes me think of nothing but him.
 Give me a thousand kisses and a thousand more. “
( I love you forever! :)  )
Here are some of our old photos together. :)


Happy Valentine's Day everyone :)  

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