Monday, March 3, 2014

A Year of Blogging


Maybe I’m a bit late already for this entry. But I still want to hold on to the saying “Better be late than never.” LOL
It’s been a year already since I started blogging. Wasn’t it yesterday when I happened to browse on Kryz’s and Laureen’s blog and wanted to have one too? Whew! Time flies.It keeps on haunting me since then until I decided to make one. But the problem was, I don’t know how and where to start. LOL I didn’t have a close friend who has a blog to help me with. And I knew nothing about webpage designing. How frustrated I am! haha Luckily, Google was always there.
So as of January last year, I started designing my page through Blogger. I did a lot of trial and error. As a beginner, I doubt my page was a decent one. LOL I still remember those times when I had to google about how to make a header, how to run those apps, how to link my Bloglovin’ account to Facebook and so on. Even kept on bugging my boyfriend just to learn one or two about Photoshop. Whew! It was a long way, right?
Second problem was, “How much will I share on my post?” There were a lot of my entries before which ended up as a draft after publishing. I felt so awkward like “ Hey! Is it okay to write this?” LOL Maybe it’s the reason also I took a month or two before I linked my page on Bloglovin’ with my Facebook account. And believe me or not, until now, most of my co-workers know nothing about the existence of this blog. :)

Thank you guys for reading my crap and staying with me through this time. You inspire me to keep on blogging. :)

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  1. Nice resume and keep going :)
    Today new post, Another way of wearing the maxi scarf from Zara
    Kisses from Spain, Kela


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