Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Perhaps the flakes design of the dress is more appropriate for the Christmas season but the length is just right for summer especially here in Manila where the scorching heat of the sun is so awesome. Yes, I could not wait until Christmas to wear this equally awesome dress. LOL Besides I like to maximize the use of it and wanted to prove that I only buy clothes which I could wear a hundred times and not just once or twice.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ready for a Battle

Hi Guys! Does it seem like forever from my last entry?
Well, as I’ve told you for the nth time I was quite busy at work and something else. Fortunately, my superiors had given me this special vacation even for a while. So, I had this little spare time solely dedicated for this entry although these photos were taken a few months back.
Since I’m not busy at work for now   I’m seriously busy with something else. But let me keep this little secret for a while okay? I’ll gonna post about it soon.

Until the next post guys!
Keep in touch!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Break the Chain

I can’t believe I only had one entry for the month of March! It only means that my card was full throughout the month which left me too little time to grace this humble blog. It’s already April. Supposed to be, I should already be at home in the province enjoying the summer heat. But no, I’m still here in the city prettily busy accomplishing school forms, clearances, series of reports and more. It feels like I have loads and more loads of work to do. I just hope by tomorrow I could accomplish all the reports and get done with it. Summer break, pretty please! :)