Sunday, June 2, 2013


I saw this vintage dress last time when I was cleaning my mother’s closet at home in the province. Initially, I like the quality of the dress itself.
So when I was kind of bored sometime, I asked my nephew, Mac-Mac (read: 10- year old) to take some outfit shot despite his unwillingness for his precious time playing on his PSP was put to a temporary stop. LOL
We wanted to do it fast so that he could resume on playing and I could attend some chores. But our pregnant cat keeps on loitering in the area. We keep on shooing it to go away, “Sa! Sa!” But to no avail.
It seems she wanted to take part in the picture as well, so we just ignored its presence.
When I checked the pictures, it appeared even better with the presence of our beloved cat which adds a dramatic effect to the scene.

What do you think?

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